Tuition is based on the program and level of the student. University of South Los Angeles reserves the right to change the fees and tuition at any time. Unless otherwise stated, the tuition presented is per unit; most (though not all) courses are four units each. For a full list of fees, please refer to the Student Catalog.

Tuition (Per Unit)

Master of Oriental Medicine

Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Associate of Arts in Accounting

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

Doctor of Business Administration (Core)

Doctor of Business Administration (Concentration)

Doctor of Business Administration (Research)

ESL100 - 300 (Quarterly)

TOEFL Preparation (Quarterly)

TESOL Certification (Quarterly)

Bachelor of Arts in Theology

Master of Divinity

Master of Theology

Doctor of Ministry

Doctor of Theology

Business English (Quarterly)

*International students will have increased tuition and additional fees.


















Administrative & Miscellaneous Academic Fees

Admission Fee (Non Refundable)

Dissertation Fee

Graduation Fee

I-20 Application Fee

Registration Fee (Quarterly)

Late Registration Fee (Quarterly)

Professional Liability/Malpractice Insurance (Quarterly)

Returned Check Fee

Official Transcript

Other Documentation











Enrollment Cancellation Policy

You have the right to cancel this Agreement for a course of instruction and obtain a refund of charges paid through attendance at the first class session, or the seventh day after enrollment, whichever is later. Cancellation shall occur when you give written notice of cancellation at the address shown above (555 W. Redondo Beach Blvd. #111 Gardena, CA 90248).  You can do this by mail, hand delivery, or telegram.  The written notice of cancellations, if sent by mail, is effective when deposited in the mail properly addressed with postage prepaid.  The written notice of cancellation need not take any particular form and, however expressed, it is effective if it shows that you are no longer wish to be bound by this Agreement.

You will be given two “Enrollment Agreement Cancellation” forms along with this Enrollment Agreement for you to use in the event you decide to cancel this enrollment agreement, but you can use any written notice that you wish.  The “Enrollment Agreement Cancellation” forms may also be obtained at the administration office during normal business hours. If you cancel this Agreement, the Institution shall refund any money that you paid within 45 days after your notice of cancellation is received.

The amount of refund shall be in accordance with the terms and conditions of University of South Los Angeles' refund policy which is based on CEC 94911 (e), as described below. However, the STRF is non-refundable after the cancellation period.

Withdrawal Policy

You have the right to drop or withdraw from any course of instruction at any time. All requests to drop or withdraw a course must be in writing and delivered to the Registrar’s office in person or by registered mail.  If mailed, the date posted on the envelope constitutes the effective date of drop or withdrawal.  Forms necessary to drop or withdraw are available at the Office of Administration.

If you withdraw or drop from a course of instruction after the period allowed for cancellation of the Agreement, the university will remit a pro-rated refund less any non-refundable fees within 45 days following the withdrawal or drop.  You are obligated to pay only for educational services rendered. The amount of refund shall be accordance with the terms and conditions of University of South Los Angeles’ refund policy which is based on Code Section 94911 (e) (1), as described below.

Refund Policy

In accordance with Section 94911(e)(1) of the California Education Code, a student is entitled to a full refund after the first class session or seven days after enrollment, whichever is later. A student is entitled to a pro-rated refund if the student withdraws or drops the program at or before 60% of the program has been completed. Pursuant to CCR 71750, Section 94920(d) or 94927 of the Code, the pro-rata refund shall be no less than the total amount owed of the student for the portion of the educational program provided, subtracted from the amount paid by the student, calculated as follows:

1.    The amount owed equals the daily charge for the program (total institutional charge, divided by the number of days in the program), multiplied by the number of days the student attended, or was scheduled to attend, prior to withdrawal.

2.    Except as provided for in subdivision (c)(3) of Code Section 94909, all amounts paid by the student in excess of what is owed as calculated in subdivision (c)(1) shall be refunded.

3.    The  Institution shall refund 100 percent of the amount paid for institutional charges, less a reasonable deposit or application fee not to exceed two hundred fifty dollars ($250), if notice of cancellation is made through attendance at the first class session, or the seventh day after enrollment, whichever is later.

4.      For purposes of determining a refund under the Act and this Section, a student shall be considered to have withdrawn from an educational program when he or she withdraws or is deemed withdrawn in accordance with the withdrawal policy stated in its catalog.

c) University of South Los Angeles shall refund any credit balance on the student’s account within 45 days after the date of the student’s completion of, or withdrawal from, the educational program in which the student was enrolled.

d) University of South Los Angeles shall maintain a cancellation and withdrawal log, kept current on a monthly basis, which shall include the names, addresses, telephone numbers, and dates of cancellations or withdrawal of all students who have cancelled the enrollment agreement with, or withdrawn from, the institution during the calendar year.

(2) If the student has received federal student aid funds, the student is entitled to a refund of moneys not paid from federal student financial aid program funds.

In accordance with CEC 94911(g)(1)(2), if the student is eligible for a loan guaranteed by the federal or state government and the student defaults on the loan, both of the following may occur:

(1)     The federal or state government or a loan guarantee agency may take action against the student, including applying any income tax refund to which the person is entitled to reduce the balance owed on the loan.

(2)     The student may not be eligible for any other federal student financial aid at another institution or other government assistance until the loan is repaid.

*No refund will be given if a student is dismissed for poor attendance or disciplinary reasons such as expelled or suspended. Additionally, for an F-1 student, the student will be terminated in SEVIS.